Two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter likely to ask for more money than peers in NFL

Oregon State v Colorado
Oregon State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter could end up asking for more money when he gets to the NFL due to his versatility as both an elite cornerback and as a game-breaking wide receiver according to BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle.

"Coach Prime isn't wrong about his assessment," Tolle said of Deion Sanders saying the NFL will have a "problem" with No. 12 needing to play both sides of the ball. "Hunter will likely force the issue to play both sides of the ball. Not to say it will stay that way in the latter stages of his career, but his drive is built differently compared to previous two-way players. Also, he'll demand more money as a contributor for a majority of snaps."

Hunter still has another year to improve his NFL draft stock -- it's not as though there's too many players ahead of him on 2025 mock draft boards right now anyway, if there's any -- but he's already built quite a resume.

Travis Hunter won Paul Hornung Award despite Colorado football shortcomings

Hunter took home the Paul Hornung Award on March 8, accepting the award with class and grace, as per his usual behavior.

“I would like to thank the Louisville Sports Commission for this award… I’d like to thank all my teammates for their support and Coach Prime for the opportunity to play both ways and do whatever I can to help the Colorado Buffaloes," Hunter said (h/t Essentially Sports).

Coach Prime also thanked the Louisville Sports Commission for handing Hunter the award for college football's most versatile player.

“Travis is a special player, a generational player, who has changed the game… Thank you to the award committee for seeing in Travis what we do, not only that he’s a tremendous player, but also a tremendous person," Coach Prime prefaced before saying, "Travis hasn’t reached his full potential as of yet and his best is still coming!”

Hunter has certainly begun to make a case for the biggest bag possible in the NFL. Rest assured, that case will continue to be made in 2024.