Coach Prime calling out Colorado football QB coach 'an extension of CU's glory days'

Arizona v Colorado
Arizona v Colorado / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Coach Prime calling out Colorado football QB coach Darrell Colbert Jr. for wearing red during Super Bowl LVIII weekend was, to BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle, an "extension of CU's glory days" -- when wearing red was an even bigger deal because of the gravity of the Nebraska rivalry.

"The 'no red' rule never takes a break," Tolle prefaced before saying, "Not even at the world's biggest stage under the neon lights of Las Vegas. It's clear the Colorado Buffaloes coach has taken the 'Red Letter' rivalry to heart. There was also a former Nebraska player before the NFL Honors who approached the Sanders family about last year's game and was excited about the rematch. Shilo Sanders interjected by asking if that's what they wanted. It's a direct reflection of Coach Prime's leadership and building a winning culture.

"It's an extension of CU's glory days from decades ago. Sanders doesn't need to be reminded of what the rivalry used to be with Nebraska. The Hall-of-Famer lived through that era of Bill McCartney and Tom Osborne going at each other's throats. It was often the game of the week across the country."

Coach Prime bringing southern flair to Colorado football

The 1990s were the peak of Colorado's rivalry with Nebraska, and the 2010 season was the last time the two even shared a conference. But where the two teams diverged was that CU's time in the Pac-12 paled in comparison to Nebraska's current Big Ten tenure.

In Lincoln, football still remained a shared community experience. In Boulder, the Buffs became irrelevant until Coach Prime showed up. CU was the one with a nationally relevant record over that span (in 2016) but yet it's Nebraska that acts like a perennial winner. No matter who is head coach.

Colorado has national attention now, and with it, Coach Prime is bringing the spirit of a southerner -- putting football above all else but his God and his family -- to Boulder. Sometimes, that leads to The Rock setting foot on campus. Other times, "Prime Weekend" is the result.

Love him or hate him, Coach Prime, a former star at FSU, knows that being a national powerhouse means getting more involvement from the community. It's an all-in effort in Power Five college football.