Coach Prime and departed Colorado football DC agreed on coaching change

Coach Prime and departed Colorado football defensive coordinator Charles Kelly agreed on the latter's exit from Boulder.

USC v Colorado
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Coach Prime and Charles Kelly reportedly agreed to the latter's departure from the Colorado football program to join Hugh Freeze's Auburn Tigers due to Deion Sanders' desire to see his staff and players do what is best for their careers according to 247Sports' Carl Reed Jr.

"I talked to Coach Prime this morning about Defensive Coordinator Charles Kelly moving on to Auburn," Reed prefaced before saying, "This was something that they both agreed upon. Coach Prime is always for his coaches making the moves they feel are best for their careers and their family."

As On3's Justin Hokanson would relay, Kelly wanted to be Freeze's defensive coordinator before Ron Roberts was hired for the role.

"Kelly is an Auburn alum who very much wanted the DC position last year and had support for the position before Hugh Freeze went with Ron Roberts," Hokanson prefaced before saying, "Kelly would have taken the DC position at Auburn over Colorado, and now he's finally back after being a GA in 1993."

Next Colorado football DC hire to specialize in establishing NFL atmosphere

Reed teased a major coaching hire for the Buffs' defensive coordinator position; someone who will establish an NFL atmosphere in Boulder.

"The Defensive Coordinator that is coming in, buckle up," Reed tweeted. " I can’t give you the name just yet, because of our relationship and the trust factor that we have. But the commitment to providing an NFL atmosphere is evident with this move."

Warren Sapp has seen his name linked to Colorado all offseason, and Coach Prime recently confirmed that the 51-year-old was going to be an addition to the Buffs in 2024. It's not clear if that is who Reed was talking about, but as a six-time All-Pro DL, Sapp brings myriad NFL experience and connections to the table.