Coach Prime's ex pinpointed major issue that doomed relationship with Colorado football HC

Coach Prime's ex, Tracey Edmonds, pinpointed the major issue that doomed her relationship with the Colorado football head coach.

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Coach Prime's ex-fiancé, Tracey Edmonds, pinpointed the exact issue that doomed her relationship with the second-year Colorado football head coach after more than a decade together: marriage didn't appear to be the likely result for the pair.

"It did not seem like a relationship that would lead to marriage," Edmonds said to "Lead Attorney" podcast host Jonathan Majors on an episode released on January 7 (h/t Essentially Sports). "Nine years past ten years at this and let me use the best. How much more time do you need?”

Majors speculated on whether Coach Prime's commitment to the Buffs -- and his three kids who are playing for CU athletics on both his team (Shilo, Shedeur) and JR Payne's women's basketball team (Shelomi) -- got in the way of Deion Sanders and Edmonds' relationship and caused the latter to end it.

“He’s 100% into his career with his kids, kids that are not her kids," Majors prefaced before saying, "So she sees all of his energy. That’s all of his time, all of his resources being devoted into his kids. She had stood by him through all his blood clots and amputations and all that so she had been there this entire time. And apparently, you know, he loved her too, but it was interesting to see kind of where his priority was."

Lead Attorney podcast host compares Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders to Tom Brady

All told, Majors is getting uncomfortably close to a level of privacy invasion that Coach Prime would call him out for. Talking for Coach Prime and assuming his intentions and priorities is a dangerous game.

Majors took that a step further, though, and brought Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's relationship into the proceedings as well; comparing the Colorado coach and the retired NFL quarterback G.O.A.T. and how/why their recent high-profile relationships ended.

“You see where Tom Brady’s priority was, right? I know," Majors prefaced before saying, "'I promise you this, and if you divorce me, I’m going back to football. I got you this engagement ring, and we’re going to spend all this time together, but I have these cans, and you know football is my priority now.’ Some men have their priorities in a different location than their partners, and often, women will notice that and they leave sooner or later.”

Coach Prime and TB12 will go down as greats, regardless of whatever happened in either's personal life.