Coach Prime's ex deemed 'ultimate cheerleader' for her and Colorado football HC's daughter

Colorado v Iowa
Colorado v Iowa / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Essentially Sports' Arunima Guchhait deemed Coach Prime's ex-wife, Pilar Sanders, the "ultimate cheerleader" for her and the Colorado football head coach's daughter, Shelomi "Bossy" Sanders; a current member of JR Payne's women's basketball squad.

"Whilе Coach Primе commands thе Colorado fiеld with QB Shеdеur and safеty Shilo, Pilar plays a diffеrеnt gamе – nurturing Shеlomi’s baskеtball drеams and championing hеr vеnturеs," Guchhait wrote.

"Pilar Sandеrs is not just a mothеr; shе is Shеlomi’s ultimatе chееrlеadеr and bеst friеnd. The magic of thеir connеction illuminatеs social mеdia and rеcеntly, Shеlomi unlеashеd an Instagram storm, spamming Pilar with thе swееtеst birthday wishеs, giving us a front-row sеat to thеir еxtraordinary mothеr daughtеr bond."

As Essentially Sports' Soheli Tarafdar once pointed out, Coach Prime, his ex-wife Pilar, and even the pair's youngest son Shedeur, have turned the 2023-24 CU women's hoops season into a broader narrative of family support.

"The Colorado women’s basketball stands have witnessed more than just Sanders’ exuberant cheers in this season," Tarafdar prefaced before saying, "It transpired into a family union as Deion’s son, Shedeur and ex-wife Pilar have also been part of the collective celebration. The unity among the Sanders family members showcased a broader narrative of family support."

Colorado football taking family affair narrative to new level in 2024

With the Sanders family becoming the biggest stars in Boulder, Colorado has been a family affair since his hiring and his two sons and daughters' transfers from Jackson State.

In 2024, it's about to be amplified. The Wade (Destin, Keaten) brothers from Kentucky, the Wester (LaJohntay, Jalen) brothers from FAU, and Coach Prime's good friend Bill Goldberg, has his son Gage joining the Buffs as a preferred walk-on.

Coach Prime has made many of his values clear as a head coach, but the clearest one is keeping families together and using that natural chemistry to help the locker room. Let's see out it plays out with a less difficult Big 12 schedule in 2024.