Analyst on what Coach Prime's most visible lasting impact will be with Colorado football

One analyst explained what Coach Prime's most visible lasting impacts will be with the Colorado football program.

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As Denver Sports' Jake Shapiro explained, the most visible impact Coach Prime will have on his Colorado football program in the coming years and after he's gone will be the Buffs' uniforms; which are set to undergo a major update in 2024 given Deion Sanders' intimate ties with Nike.

"Deion Sanders second season leading the Colorado Buffaloes is going to look a lot different than Year 1, and that’s a guarantee," Shapiro prefaced before saying, "The Buffs are slated to update their look in 2024 and wear new uniforms. CU rocked different combinations of old uniforms and some very basic new looks in 2023 as they tried to freshen things up for their style icon coach. And it’s that coach’s past contribution to the lexicon that may be inspiring Colorado’s next set of uniforms, at least according to Prime.

"Prime will have a lasting impact on the Buffs for many reasons, but one of the most visible may be whatever CU’s new look will be for the coming years."

Coach Prime predicted to leave Colorado football after 2024, but Deion Sanders claims he has everything he needs in Boulder

College football insider Bruce Feldman predicted before the 2023 season that Coach Prime will leave Colorado after just two years in charge -- a popular prediction given his sons Shedeur and Shilo running out of eligibility, not to mention Travis Hunter likely jumping to the NFL.

“Two years from now? After the 2024 season? I would not be surprised if Deion Sanders is not the head coach at Colorado,” Feldman said (h/t AthlonSports). “I just don’t think that he is going to be there that long. It’ll either go really well. They were horrible before. So he goes from one win last year to maybe four or five this year. And then maybe eight or nine. Then I think he goes to a bigger school. Or it will not work out at all and they will all be at odds. I think there’s a lot of stuff that has the potential to create a lot of friction. If it doesn’t go great, then I think they go in a different direction.”

For what it's worth, Sanders denies any interest in not being the Colorado football head coach.

“I tell them what I told them when I came: I’m here, I’m here,” Sanders said (h/t USA Today). “I tell 'em my mother’s here. My sister’s here. My dog is here. My daughter’s here. Three of my sons are here. My other daughter comes to darn near every home game. We’re here. I get mail here… I pay taxes here... I’m here. I don’t hear that. Maybe our recruiting staff hears it, but I don’t hear it. I’m too honest with parents. I’m gonna tell ‘em the truth.”

If Coach Prime is a two-and-done, he will have at least brought Boulder more excitement than it had previously ever seen this millennium.

And the Buffs will look better than they did before "Prime Time" came to town.