Coach Prime sends warning to coaches negatively recruiting him, Colorado football

SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVIII – Feb 8
SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVIII – Feb 8 / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

Coach Prime knows who you are, opposing coaches who are negatively recruiting his Colorado football program using slimy means. And as he told Dan Patrick and Co. on the February 8 edition of The Dan Patrick Show, he's got the receipts to show for it from his commitments who did some reconnaissance for him.

"Most definitely," Sanders responded when asked if he knew who the coaches were (h/t Bleacher Report). "My kids that we recruited, that signed with us, they have video conversations, tape of coaches badmouthing us and talking about us like a dog.

"I love it because they have so much confidence in me. They tell kids, 'Well he's not gonna be there, he's gonna leave.' Well if he leaves, that means he's advancing, he's going to another level, he's going to another school, which, I don't need that to be who I am. I don't inherit legacies, I build them."

Opposing coaches using racism to negatively recruit Coach Prime's Colorado football program

Some of Deion Sanders' recruits have already come out and shared some of the abhorrent, racist things opposing coaches have said to sway them away from Boulder.

"It was like 'What do you want to be a rapper or something?' I'm like...Hey... *Laughing*… I get what you're saying, but... bro... There was a lot of negative recruiting (at Coach Prime)," Jordan Seaton revealed in December (h/t BuffsBeat). "I feel like some people don't understand that he's only had... He's only been there for what... Has it been a year yet? It's been a year. The turnaround that program has from 1-11 to 4-8... to see that is cool."

UTEP transfer Justin Mayers told the DNVR Sports crew about his own horrifyingly racist tales on the trail.

"It was crazy stereotypical terms that were pretty alarming," Mayers prefaced before saying, "You know, 'Kool Aid'... 'Being a rapper'... or just 'That gang' over there. Just all types of negative connotations that shed a bad light on the college football world."

Who knew coaches would have to stoop to such pathetic lows to compete with a Colorado program that had a .333 winning percentage in Coach Prime's first years?