Horrifyingly racist remarks shared to Colorado football recruit revealed

Nebraska v Colorado
Nebraska v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle revealed the horrifyingly racist remarks one Colorado football recruit heard from a head coach who was negatively recruiting against Deion Sanders in the most dehumanizing way possible.

"A former Colorado commit had his own story to tell BuffsBeat about being swarmed with negative recruiting," Tolle prefaced before saying, "When he told one coach he was officially joining Sanders and the Buffs, he was asked if they fed him 'Colonel Sanders' best chicken and watermelon' on his visit."

UTEP-to-CU transfer Justin Mayers shared some of the abhorrent things he heard himself.

"It was crazy stereotypical terms that were pretty alarming," Mayers told DNVR. "You know, 'Kool Aid'... 'Being a rapper'... or just 'That gang' over there. Just all types of negative connotations that shed a bad light on the college football world."

As Tolle shared, Nikhil Webb Walker had an issue with an unnamed Oregon State coach who essentially pushed New Mexico State transfer Nikhil Webb Walker to Boulder because of the negative recruiting aimed at Coach Prime.

Jordan Seaton was accused of wanting a rap career after choosing Colorado football

Racist negative recruiting aimed at Coach Prime seems to have been all the rage this past offseason, with 5-star offensive tackle Jordan Seaton having been accused of wanting to pursue a rap career by opposing coaches.

"This was the most famous one I got," Seaton said (h/t BuffsBeat). "It was like "What do you want to be a rapper or something?" I'm like...Hey... *Laughing*… I get what you're saying, but... bro... There was a lot of negative recruiting (at Coach Prime). I feel like some people don't understand that he's only had... He's only been there for what... Has it been a year yet? It's been a year. The turnaround that program has from 1-11 to 4-8... to see that is cool."

The way certain people speak about Coach Prime says a lot more about themselves than it does about any perceived slight Sanders may have offended them with in the past.