Coach Prime tongue-in-cheek calls out star second-year Colorado football flip

Stanford v Colorado
Stanford v Colorado / Bob Drebin/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Coach Prime tongue-in-cheek called out Cormani McClain in a moment caught by Well Off Media and released on February 28. The Colorado football head coach was jamming Travis Hunter, and surprisingly, did it successfully with seemingly minimal effort shown, when he told the two-way star not to strategically use the bathroom "like Cormani."

While the moment was light, it does illustrate the personal spotlight McClain is under from Deion Sanders; who has admitted that he goes tougher on his favorites than anyone else.

Coach Prime publically called McClain out in September when asked why he hadn't played through the first four weeks of the 2023 season.

"Study and prepare," Sanders told reporters when asked what McClain can improve on to see the field (h/t Bleacher Report). "Be on time for meetings, show up to meetings. Understand the scheme. I check film time from each player so I can see who's preparing, so if I don't see that, you would be a fool to put somebody out there who's not prepared. That goes for all our players."

Coach Prime blamed for never blaming his sons for Colorado football team's problems

While his criticisms of McClain have been well-documented, it's fair to point out that Coach Prime hasn't shed as much of a spotlight on his own kids when they screw up -- Shilo Sanders' pregame threats to Oregon head coach Dan Lanning comes to mind -- in more public ways.

Blaze Media host Jason Whitlock called out Sanders' double standard in a scathing rant in December.

"At no point during this entire season did the head coach – who had no problem calling out the offensive line, had no problem calling out his soft defense, had no problem calling out Cormani McClain, had no problem demoting Sean Lewis and blaming him – at any point did the head coach of the Colorado football team put any blame on his quarterback,?" Whitlock asked rhetorically (h/t Mike Farrell Sports). "Even after the game in which his son did not play and the backup quarterback came in and played lights out, Deion celebrated Shedeur after every game."

Coach Prime was joking calling out McClain in this instance, but he may have done it seriously too many times during the 2023 season, while not calling out his own sons for their issues.