Coach Prime unlikely to garner Alabama interest due to Colorado football red-flags

Colorado v UCLA
Colorado v UCLA / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Sports Illustrated's Pat Forde and Richard Johnson believe that Coach Prime won't garner interest from Alabama in the wake of Nick Saban's retirement due to the red flags that have been raised during Deion Sanders' Colorado football tenure.

"It’s hard to see a program like Alabama hiring someone with a 4–8 FBS head-coaching record, even if that record was an improvement over recent Colorado history," the SI pair wrote. "Sanders remains an unproven in-game coach and program organizer at the power-conference level. Roster and staff churn at Colorado might raise red flags with Alabama."

When it came to reasons why Coach Prime could be the Crimson Tide's guy, his charisma -- which arguably led to what they would call red flags -- and something another listed candidate (DeMeco Ryans) has were what made up Sanders' case.

"Sanders certainly has the persona and charisma to handle the biggest of jobs and has proven to be an elite recruiter," the SI pair prefaced before saying, "Like Ryans, he also would break the historic head-coaching color barrier at Alabama."

Colorado football HC Deion Sanders speaks out on players whose coach will replace Nick Saban

If Sanders is about to take the Alabama job, he will have already spoken out with support of the players who he is about to leave behind in Boulder. Coach Prime, in a statement he shared with 247Sports' Carl Reed Jr., conveyed his compassion for the players Saban left behind, and those who will lose their head coach to Alabama's job opening.

"We will see the stability of the players tested on both sides: the players at Alabama, who are devastated and in shock after losing the greatest coach of all time, and the players who will be shocked in the coming days when they lose their coach to Alabama," Coach Prime prefaced before saying, "When looking at both sides of this coin, you have to be a winner and understand clearly the responsibility that comes with that. You also must consider whether you can handle the moments of the stage you privately desire, or the pressure of the monument that Coach Saban has established."

As previously stated by yours truly, there's no chance Coach Prime leaves Colorado for Alabama given how the 2023 season just went for CU.