Colorado football alum stresses urgency of Julian Lewis flip on podcast

Westlake Lions v Carrollton Trojans
Westlake Lions v Carrollton Trojans / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Former Colorado football OL Matt McChesney stressed the importance of the Buffs flipping Julian Lewis's commitment from USC for Deion Sanders on the latest episode of "The Coach JB Show with Big Smitty."

Essentially, Sanders can't have a losing season and lose out on Lewis if he has any hopes of being given more freedom from CU's administration in the coming years, since he'll be losing his top players, Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter, and will have to, if nothing else but there isn't nothing else, find replacements for the offensive line since the group is filled with players with one year of eligibility left.

"Just please God, win football games," McChesney said with trepidation about Sanders' long-term future at Colorado (h/t Marca). "Take away his name, go 4-8 and 5-7, and lose your best players, and you can't refill the coffers with a five-star quarterback if they don't get the kid from SC that they got all their money on."

Deion Sanders will be fine if his Colorado football team has losing season

It's highly unlikely Coach Prime will ever be fired from his spot at the helm of the Buffs. He means too much to the school's bottom line and gave Colorado the breathing room to end up in the Big 12 and not on the outside looking into the Power 4 like Oregon State and Wazzu.

A losing season would certainly result in mass question marks and rumors from the national media, but local media knows that Sanders is the master of his domain in Boulder. And five to 10 years is the timeframe he sees himself lasting in the position.

Coach Prime won't follow his kids to the NFL, but he needs to follow through on making his 40-40-20 recruiting breakdown work before he's seen as someone who made the jump from Jackson State to the Power 5 too soon.