Colorado football alum urges Shilo, Shedeur Sanders to act like Travis Hunter

Nebraska v Colorado
Nebraska v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Colorado football alum Matt McChesney believes it'd behoove Buffs quarterback Shedeur Sanders and CU safety Shilo Sanders to act more like their two-way Colorado football teammate, Travis Hunter, on The Coach JB Show with Big Smitty.

"You never hear about Travis Hunter doing anything but football related activity," McChesney said (h/t Marca). "I wish Shedeur and Shilo and some of these other cats could just follow Travis around, just act more like Travis Hunter. Then we wouldn't have any of these problems."

Deion Sanders' sons have been the subject of several controversies this season. Shilo's past involving a security guard he assaulted while he was in high school is resurfacing as he's aiming to avoid paying John Darjean $11.3 million from a settlement. Shedeur, on the other hand, has been caught up in social media beefs with former players. Together, they upset many when they were permitted by their father to attend the Louis Vuitton fall-winter show in Paris headlined by Pharrell Williams back in January.

Travis Hunter rarely making news during the Colorado football offseason

Hunter, on the other hand, is notoriously quiet. The most notable news he's been apart of this offseason is being on the cover of both the EA Sports College Football's deluxe edition and standard edition. Other than that, he's been with his fiancé out of the spotlight.

While Coach Prime claims Hunter as his son, he has a much different demeanor than Shilo and Shedeur. And Deion's other claimed son, Lil Wayne.

The contrast between Shedeur and Hunter makes this CU team such an interesting one. The team's QB and top talent have been playing together for two years, with 2024 being year three, but they've carved unique identities in the spotlight and will be vying to be the No. 1 pick in the 2025 NFL draft.