Colorado football assistant director of player personnel talks game plan for Buffs

Nebraska v Colorado
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Colorado football assistant director of player personnel Devin Rispress revealed his game plan for the Buffs in 2024 and beyond -- and it involves canvassing Coach Prime's home state of Florida, where Rispress was head of Florida A&M University's football recruiting team.

"Florida has some of the best athletes in the country," Rispress noted (h/t BuffsBeat). "The biggest thing is going to be past relationships that I've had with kids and high school programs in Florida and the surrounding states. I'm the type of recruiter who was not afraid to offer five-and-four-star guys at FAMU. They've been following my journey and now we have more resources at Colorado and can put them on a bigger stage."

Rispress revealed that, perhaps unsurprisingly, it was Deion Sanders who brought his attention to the Centennial State.

"I loved what the coaches were building at Colorado," Rispress said. "I was a fan from afar. I was coaching at FAMU, but I was still a fan. When Coach Prime took the job, I instantly became a fan."

Devin Rispress takes shot at coaches who negatively recruit Colorado football

Rispress spoke down upon those who negatively recruit the Buffs on the recruiting trail.

"Good recruiters and coaches don't recruit negatively," Rispress said. " They don't talk to anyone about other programs to try and make themselves look good. They just don't. Some people do, but the good-hearted ones don't. My mom taught me a long time ago as a kid, "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all."

Jordan Seaton revealed that coaches accused him of wanting to be a rapper, so the negative talk has reached an apex in many ways as it pertains to Coach Prime's Buffs. Rispress is a good counter weapon to that, as Coach Prime would say, bulljunk, on the trail.