Colorado football CB coach speaks on Travis Hunter being even more versatile this spring

Nov 25, 2023; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Colorado Buffaloes athlete Travis Hunter (12) reacts after
Nov 25, 2023; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Colorado Buffaloes athlete Travis Hunter (12) reacts after / Christopher Creveling-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado football CB coach Kevin Mathis, like the rest of us, is in awe of Travis Hunter's versatility -- and the long-time Deion Sanders assistant clued the world in on another position (nickel) that No. 12 will be playing in 2024.

“He’s been playing the majority inside and when we can have him do that and be strong and outside with Preston (Hodge) and DJ (McKinney), it’s gonna be a sight to see and we are excited about that,” Mathis said (h/t Times-Call).

“There’s not gonna be a lot of (players like Hunter) come around. He’s able to get in there naturally (at nickel) and just play well. And he’s able to go in and if we need him in the B gap (to help stop the run), as you’ve seen a couple of times today, he was able to fill that B gap. A lot of nickels really don’t want to do that, but he’s able to do that.”

Hunter's abilities will get him handsomely paid in the NFL, though what position he spends the most time at is still a question mark considering his even split in 2023 at corner and receiver; and now his newfound spot at nickel.

Colorado football CB Travis Hunter runs risks in adding third position

There's already a lot being asked of Hunter to play on both sides of the ball, but to add another defensive position -- albeit one that's not a radical difference from his primary position, CB -- runs the risk of crossing his wires and stunting his growth.

This isn't to say Hunter can't do it. He's got a brilliant football mind and has figured out how to be a legitimate weapon on both sides of the ball using his extensive knowledge of route trees and schemes.

But he's 20 years old. Everyone that age runs the risk of being overwhelmed by something. Let alone playing three positions on a football field and developing into an NFL-caliber player.