After 4-8 debut with Colorado football, Coach Prime being a Power Five HC in question

Colorado v UCLA
Colorado v UCLA / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Mike Farrell of the Mike Farrell Sports brand believes the jury is still out on whether or not Coach Prime is a Power Five-level head coach after his 4-8 debut season at the helm of the Colorado football program.

"The jury is out on whether or not Sanders is a Power Five level coach," Farrell prefaced before saying, "Last season started above expectations but the Stanford loss was especially questionable when it comes to his ability to coach and adjust. He needs a 7-5 or 8-4 season in year two with a fairly easy Big 12 schedule."

Farrell has previously accused Coach Prime of teaching his players to be arrogant; perhaps hinting at a true belief that Deion Sanders wasn't ready to make the jump to a Power Five conference after leaving Jackson State in 2022.

“Coaches teach their players how to be and some are awful at it,” Farrell prefaced before saying, “Deion has taught his players to be arrogant. Lincoln Riley has taught his players to be overly sensitive. Makes you appreciate the great coaches and true molders of men.”

Colorado football won't do better than Coach Prime over course of his contract

Perhaps moving to the Big 12 from a poorly-led Pac-12 is enough to have moved the needle for CU permanently in recruiting. Maybe the spirit of the "Prime Effect" will last beyond Coach Prime's departure from Boulder.

Or maybe the person who's following up Sanders' coaching stint at CU would be facing a situation that is as unenviable as Kalen DeBoer replacing Nick Saban is at Alabama; of course, to scale to what each program has accomplished in recent history.

Colorado could try to replace Sanders in the coming years if his Buffs aren't up to snuff, but they most certainly won't get a better option. They certainly didn't have that before he arrived.