Colorado football Director of Performance sets interesting boundary with locker room

Colorado v Utah
Colorado v Utah / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

Colorado football Director of Performance Maurice Sims set an interesting boundary with the Buffs locker room: don't beat each other down too bad, metaphorically speaking, we presume, when mistakes are made.

“I got brothers, I got teammates,” Sims said (h/t Sportskeeda). "All the other strength coaches, I check on them, they check on me. But it's for the same purpose, for the same goal so that we can climb and bring our brothers with us. If somebody mess up, don't beat their a*s down. Get them right, say like man come on get on with it, but don't beat them down.”

There are rumblings about what goes on in the Buffs' locker room, with gambling seemingly being the tip of the iceberg. Sims' message could be taken in many different ways.

Colorado football culture has shifted once again in offseason

No one will ever forget the Buffs' roster turnover when Coach Prime first took over. That was the true draw for CU this past season as they became the talk of the sport despite playing in mostly low-stakes games.

Colorado just did it again but at a smaller scale. The Buffs are making wholesale changes for the second straight offseason, they're just not as dramatic as they were during the initial "Prime Time" takeover of Boulder.

Deion Sanders is building his program in previously unseen ways. It's not very popular after the modest results CU had in 2023, but enough close to the action are seeing the vision. See: Joel Klatt.

There's a chance the Buffs do turn it all around, and perhaps a culture shift toward less needing for Sims to say this. If that doesn't come, questions about the current coaching staff will. Deion most certainly doesn't stick around for five to 10 years if he doesn't feel like answering those.