Colorado football 'governor' part of long bloodline of notable CU alum

Let's talk about the unofficial "governor" of the Colorado football program.
Folsom Field
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Camden Dempsey is listed at six-foot-two and 255 pounds. The Lakewood, Colorado native who majors in Finance is entering his junior year of college football as a long snapper. Underneath the coaching of Deion Sanders and GA Warren Sapp amongst others — he's earned the title of Colorado football's "governor."

He's smart, talented, and likes business (considering his major). Fortunately, he's been able to help head coach Deion Sanders out of a sticky situation that framed him to have favoritism. But that never ended up being the case whatsoever.

“If you are looking for a man in finance, 6 ‘2 and blue eyes,” you might run into Camden Dempsey at the Colorado Buffaloes," Essentially Sports' Soham Chakraborty prefaced before saying, "The viral social media trend fits well with the unofficial Buffs’ 'governor,' who had been a prime advocate of Deion Sanders when the head coach was accused of 'favoritism' some time back. LS Dempsey is indeed a name to look out for this fall."

In addition to being a "Prime advocate," his family is filled with Colorado alums that trace back to 1967. His grandfather Ed Fogle was a ticket holder on top of running the Denver Buff Club — an exclusive leadership giving program of the university. Not only Fogle but his dad, Brad, is an "award-winning finance and restructuring lawyer."

What about his mom? Nancy Dempsey is a lawyer.

This family is packed out with smarts — especially after earning 11 degrees and counting.

How was Camden Dempsey a 'prime advocate' for Deion Sanders?

Sanders was once sought out to have favoritism in the Colorado locker room but Dempsey was there to prove otherwise.

Xavier Smith, who's now up and out of the program and now belongs to the University of Texas at El Paso, came out stating that Sanders altered the guys' confidence.

Fortunately for Sanders, Dempsey helped keep his image clean by stating "that is simply not true."

Dempsey may be a football player, have an awesome family who's loyal to the school but is also a hero in Sanders' world — protecting his coach and saving the peace for what's supposed to be a vital offseason in preparation to avenge their 2023 record of 4-8.

Hats off to you, governor.