Colorado football HC Deion Sanders' daughter transfers from Buffs WBB team

Colorado v Iowa
Colorado v Iowa / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders' daughter, Shelomi, will be transferring from JR Payne's women's basketball team according to BuffZone's Brian Howell.

"Bossy" Sanders was anything but during the 2023-24 season in Boulder, appearing in just five games and averaging under two minutes of garbage time per game. On the year, she amassed three points, three rebounds, and a steal.

Back in October, Payne described Shelomi as a star teammate.

“Well, she hasn’t been really bossy with us,” Payne said when asked about her nickname (h/t KDVR). “But Shelomi is doing great. Shelomi came in the middle of the year last year, which is always difficult to transfer from one program to another. And the team loved her immediately. She’s got a great personality. She works hard. She brings life to the party on a daily basis, so to speak.”

Essentially Sports's Jenifer Martin noted that Sanders was still dedicated to the team despite her lack of a meaningful on-court role.

"Shelomi Sanders’ 'right time' with the Colorado Buffaloes is yet to come, but that hasn’t taken away from her dedication to doing her best for the team," Martin prefaced before saying, "Despite not extensively participating in the historic win, she remains a valued and loved member of the Buffs. At the end of the day, basketball is all about having that chemistry with your team."

Does Shelomi Sanders' transfer departure mean Deion Sanders could eventually leave Colorado football?

It's hard not to connect the dots between Shelomi's departure from the women's basketball team and Coach Prime eventually wanting to leave the football team. But is it a legitimate connection to make?

On one hand, it's hard not to note how much Sanders loves his kids. One has to think Coach Prime had a hand in convincing "Bossy" to do what's best for her -- and evidently, leaving the University of Colorado ended up being what she landed on.

On the other, though, Deion has repeatedly pledged loyalty to CU, and he's gotten everything he could've wanted in Boulder; including having Warren Sapp added to his staff as a graduate assistant.

There's nothing to worry about here. Not yet, at least.

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