Colorado football HC Deion Sanders dubbed the perfect Mike Norvell replacement at FSU

Florida State Spring Football Practice
Florida State Spring Football Practice / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

The latest proposal to pluck Deion Sanders away from the Colorado football program comes from The Wright Way Network's Marissa Myers, who dubbed Coach Prime the perfect Mike Norvell replacement at FSU.

Myers' thinking is that Norvell is due for a bigger coaching offer from a Big Ten or SEC team and that Sanders, whose alma mater is FSU, could return to Tallahassee in his post-playing career after breaking out as a Nole in the 80s.

"Mike Norvell has done a good job of creating a culture at Florida State and leading them to where it will not be surprising to see him get offers to move from the ACC to a team in one of the bigger conferences," Myers prefaced before saying, "With that being the case, Florida State would need a new head coach, and that perfect candidate would be; Deion Sanders.

"The history is there, good and bad. It is Sanders’ school that he went to where he played defensive back, winning the Jim Thorpe Award and had 14 career interceptions with three being pick-sixes. He also stood out as a punt returner, averaging 15.2 yards per return. That was the good, as he knows the school, the history, the passion that the fan base brings. The bad comes when he denied his association with being a Seminole in 2023 on video."

Deion Sanders has perfect setup at Colorado football that he wouldn't get at FSU

FSU isn't in the SEC or Big Ten, but it soon likely will be. Once that happens, the Noles will be as good of a job as any in the country given their immense booster support and top television ratings even in the ACC.

Ipso facto, Norvell likely isn't looking for an "upgrade" that probably doesn't exist. He didn't even take the Alabama head coaching job after Nick Saban retired, so it's tough to come up with a job he would take.

Even if he did leave, Sanders wouldn't become the ideal coaching candidate. What Coach Prime has at Colorado -- where they hire everyone he wants, even a controversial candidate like Warren Sapp, and he has his own college course named after him -- cannot be replaced elsewhere. He wouldn't have that autonomy at FSU or anything close.

Sanders doesn't want to meet with boosters. That isn't going to work at FSU. Especially since he and the university are known to not see eye to eye.

You'll see more Sanders rumors, likely from TWSN, this offseason. Feel free to give little credence to any of them.