Colorado football HC Deion Sanders' ex-wife scolds him for Shelomi criticism

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Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders' ex-wife, Pilar, was not a fan of Coach Prime's criticism of their daughter Shelomi Sanders' decision to enter the transfer portal. Deion called Shelomi's transfer "stupid" during an interview with the DNVR Buffs crew.

“Stop talking about a present parent," Sanders said on her Youtube channel (h/t Essentially Sports). "Don’t make me say more than I have to say stop talking about being a present parent. She’s navigating through this transition seamlessly. It’s not stupid… She’s experiencing what it’s like to be a wanted player, something she didn’t get to experience before.”

Coach Prime said that Shelomi shouldn't have entered the transfer portal without having a landing spot set in stone.

"(Shelomi's decision) was stupid," Sanders prefaced before saying, "You get a team. You gotta get a team before you enter the portal. That's what I'd advise a child. I know, 'oh well it's illegal.' Come on man. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. You kind of want them to do something, and she has been truly advised.

Colorado football HC Deion Sanders' daughter Shelomi is in good hands at Alabama A&M

Perhaps Shelomi did have an inkling of where she wanted to go but knew better than to tell anyone, including her own father, about it. From the sound of it, Alabama A&M head coach Dawn Thornton has long been a fan of the 20-year-old.

“Shelomi is just what we need on 'The Hill,'" Thornton told The Clarion Ledger on April 26. “Not only does she want to make a name for herself, but we also have the platform and the resources for her to do it. She is well-known for her game behind the arc, and I love big guards that can score the ball. She has great athleticism and will make it very hard for teams to zone us. Shelomi's commitment and determination will send her potential through the roof.”

Regardless of how anyone feels, Shelomi is now a Bulldog, while her dad and older brothers remain Buffs. She'll be in good hands with Thornton in Huntsville, Alabama as Deion looks to build a juggernaut in Boulder.