Colorado football HC Deion Sanders humorously tells daughter Deiondra what she can't do while pregnant

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Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders had jokes -- and he probably didn't even mean to -- when he told his daughter Deiondra what she couldn't do during her pregnancy.

“Whеn you’rе prеgnant, it is bееn a whilе sincе I undеrstood this procеss, but you don’t supposеd to drink no morе, no hookеr whatеvеr," Sanders said, referring to "hookah" but instead referring to something he wouldn't want her doing at any point (h/t Essentially Sports). "No Hookah, and what еlsе? You can’t stay aftеr thе club you can’t takе picturеs in thе club no morе. Right?"

When Deiondra resisted the part about the club, Coach Prime fired back with a bit of a shot at her mother and Deion's ex-wife, Pilar Sanders.

"Dang! you and your mama were in the club before you even got him [the baby]. Somebody’s gonna use that!” Coach Prime said.

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders supportive of daughter Deiondra's pregnancy

Coach Prime has made it clear that he will be there for Deiondra in every way possible as she navigates the birth of her first child.

“PREACH BABY PREACH, and you having this baby to make me a darn GRANDDADDY even though I'm YOUNG!” Sanders said (h/t USA Today). “Love you baby and I'm glad you said you ain't having a baby to keep a man. You've always had a MAN in your life that you call DADDY & ain't gon ever ever let you DOWN especially when I'm UP.”

Deiondra has had four myomectomy surgeries and has proclaimed that she is having this baby for all women who have had a difficult time reproducing. She has the support of her father, and sometimes it comes off as tough love.

And maybe a little shot at his ex-wife when his daughter makes similar mistakes.