Colorado football HC Deion Sanders sends strong message of support to pregnant daughter

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Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders sent a strong message of support to his oldest daughter, Deiondra, after she announced on March 8 that she was pregnant with her first child -- and Coach Prime's first grandchild.

“PREACH BABY PREACH, and you having this baby to make me a darn GRANDDADDY even though I'm YOUNG!” Sanders said (h/t USA Today). “Love you baby and I'm glad you said you ain't having a baby to keep a man. You've always had a MAN in your life that you call DADDY & ain't gon ever ever let you DOWN especially when I'm UP.”

Deiondra shared a heartfelt message to all mothers who've experienced issues in their pregnancies on her Instagram after receiving the news.

“Even though this was not planned nor expected, this is still something God allowed to happen,” she wrote. “I’m not having my baby to keep a man. I am having my baby for all the times I was told I wouldn’t be able to. I’m having my baby for the 4 myomectomy surgeries I have had. I am having my baby for all the years I stayed on birth control even though it gave me breast tumors. I’m having my baby for all the Doctors that told me I wouldn’t make it out the first trimester.

“I’m having a baby for all the high risk moms that was scared everyday thinking they would miscarry. I’m keeping my baby for the 3 Months I continued to bleed everyday after I found out I was pregnant. I’m having this baby to give hope to all the other women that may be in my situation. No matter what Doctor’s say, GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY!”

Colorado football HC Deion Sanders set to be a grandpa at the age of 56

Coach Prime, the father of five children, Deiondra and Deion Sanders Jr., who he had with his first wife, Carolyn Chambers, and Shilo, Shedeur, and Shelomi, who he had with his second wife, Pilar Sanders, is set to become a grandfather for the first time at the age of 56.

Based on how he and his family support each other, Deiondra's child is going to feel the full effect of the Sanders family love.