Colorado football HC Deion Sanders lauded for being great teammate with the Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals - Game One
Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals - Game One / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders was lauded by former Atlanta Braves teammate David Justice during an appearance on the "All Facts No Brakes" podcast with Keyshawn Johnson.

"Deion was never a distraction," Justice said (h/t FOX Sports). "Deion was one of the fellas. Otis Nixon was really our starting center fielder, and … Deion was part-time. We understood he was going to be part-time. So, whenever Deion could make it to the team, we loved having him — and when he couldn't, we knew he was off playing football.

"It was never a problem with us, at all. … The media tried to make it seem like he was a distraction, but that was never the case. … To be able to play two sports at the highest level is incredible."

Colorado football HC Deion Sanders more distracting in Boulder than anywhere else

Coach Prime is a different beast than the Braves/any other MLB team/NFL/FSU version of himself. Since he became head coach at Jackson State, the cameras have been rolling and his story -- which started in the FCS with dominance but has hit some turbulence in the Power 5 at CU -- has been chronicled nearly in full. Not just his side of it either. Countless former players have come forward and described their brief but notable tenures as Buffs.

He's a much bigger distraction now than he ever was as a player. That's for sure.

But maybe that changes when his kids are in the NFL. Sanders may be trying to maximize his own spotlight in order to get his kids more notoreity and in an increased platform. It was incredible timing with NIL taking off as his story truly began at JSU in his first full season coaching during the 2021 season.

In all, Justice's story isn't all that surprising. But it proves Sanders isn't inherently about himself like is so often implied.