Colorado football HC Deion Sanders and QB Shedeur Sanders going to Cowboys 'isn't all that unrealistic'

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FanSided's Cody Williams wrote that the possibility -- one floated by CBS Sports' Danny Kannell -- of Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders and his son Shedeur leaving Boulder for the Dallas Cowboys after the 2024 season "isn't all that unrealistic."

"While this may certainly come off as outlandish (because it is), the actual possibility of this happening isn't all that unrealistic," Williams prefaced before saying, "When you just look at what we know about everyone involved in this situation, everything aligns for something like this to happen for the Cowboys."

However, if you ask Coach Prime directly, he'd tell you that he doesn't plan on following his kids to the NFL and wants to lay down roots at the University of Colorado.

"I tell them the truth," Sanders said when asked what he tells recruits and their parents who might be concerned about his long-term future at Colorado (h/t FOX Sports). "I tell them I'm a father, not a baby daddy. I don't follow my kids. I pave roads for my kids. I build generational wealth for my kids. I lead my kids. I don't follow my kids. So I do not plan on following my kids to the NFL. I have work to do here.

"I absolutely love it here, and I would never think a young brother from the South would really love it in this part of the country, but I really do. ... The fan base that we have here ... I just want to really bless you with a tremendously successful team. I really do. That's my heart."

Deion Sanders isn't leaving Colorado football for the NFL

Ah, this narrative again.

Coach Prime isn't going back to the Cowboys or any other NFL organization at this point, having repeatedly shared his doubts about being able to handle the egos of professional players being paid millions.

Granted, Sanders essentially deals with that now given the current state of NIL, but the top earners on the Buffs are his kids and Travis Hunter, who he essentially sees as his kid. But the NFL is full of grown men who won't just listen to their father's wishes.

Don't expect Coach Prime to make the jump to the NFL. Not until he starts singing a different tune. Or if he misses his kids too much.