Colorado football HC Deion Sanders shares interesting explanation for social media shots at Jaheim Ward, random fan

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Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders had an interesting explanation for why he went after a random fan who said Shedeur Sanders wasn't a top 2025 NFL draft pick and why he supposedly clowned Austin Peay's Jaheim Ward for his stats, this after Ward defended teammate and former Buffs safety Xavier Smith, who complained about how Coach Prime dismissed him from Boulder in an exposé in The Athletic.

Deion was bored. And he wasn't actually taking a shot at Ward, just pointing out how shocking it was to see CU receiver Kaleb Mathis go at Ward like he did.

“I gotta do better on that and not ride with it, but I was bored,” Sanders said on Thee Pregame Show, (h/t USA Today). “I was bored, and I didn’t say nothing hurtful. I don’t attack people.”

“I try my best to refrain, but like when you posted like stats, I said, 'Lawd Jesus,’ like dang, he really went at him, like he really shot him. That’s really what I meant, and I think that was taken wrong. I think that was taken sideways or something else.”

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders takes smart approach towards X drama

I mean, it does sound believable why Sanders said what he said to that fan. He didn't directly call out the fan, just asking a (rhetorical) question on where his son was going to be; since the odds of that fan being Carson Beck or Quinn Ewers' dad is not high, thus effectively saying there was a practically zero chance Shedeur was in a lower place than the fan's son.

But he didn't actually attack him, like he said. Technically.

As for the Ward shot, or rather, shot-that-wasn't, well "Lawd Jesus" is pretty ambiguous. Perhaps Sanders didn't actually mean any harm by it.

I mean, that's the implication anyway. You choose whether or not to believe it.