Colorado football HC Deion Sanders shares shocking take on daughter Shelomi entering transfer portal

Colorado v Iowa
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Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders called his daughter Shelomi's decision to enter the transfer portal and leave Buffs women's basketball coach JR Payne's squad "stupid" since she doesn't have a destination in mind yet.

"Yeah which was stupid," Sanders said after a DNVR Buffs host started bringing up her transfer. "You get a team. You gotta get a team before you enter the portal. That's what I'd advise a child. I know, 'oh well it's illegal.' Come on man. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. You kind of want them to do something, and she has been truly advised.

Sanders offered pushback when the host suggested that Shelomi's decision was a bellwether of a future departure from Boulder for Coach Prime.

"You got to understand, I'm a father man, I'm a real father" Sanders prefaced before saying, "I'm a real man, I'm a real dad. Where I come from and historically, kids follow their parents. When did parents start following their kids? That doesn't work in my book. That doesn't work where I'm from. I'm the leader of the family. So I've been dictating where my kids go, not them dictating where I go."

Colorado football HC Deion Sanders gives perfect answer to those thinking Shelomi's transfer meant he'd be leaving next

Coach Prime gave the perfect cover for himself explaining away Shelomi's transfer. He asserted himself as the leader of his family and took the heat off his daughter's decision to leave Colorado; even if it may, to some, come off as giving her the business for it.

In reality, Sanders painted her decision as a mistake from a college-aged student-athlete. She can come back to Boulder if she doesn't find what she's looking for in the portal or she can go elsewhere without anyone speculating that Coach Prime would be coming next.

That was genius PR from Sanders. For now, that interview will keep those projecting his exit from CU off the trail.