Colorado football HC Deion Sanders speaks out against one of sports' great villains

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After Colorado football sold out season tickets for the 2024 season, Deion Sanders spoke out against one of the great villains in all of sports: secondary market ticket re-sellers, who've robbed the public of giving their families a chance to enjoy live sporting events in search of profits.

"I want to thank all our fans, students, and everybody in the Buff Nation, you're tremendous," Sanders said via Well Off Media (h/t BuffsBeat). "We sold out season tickets. Now, regular tickets (are) on sale today and I know what you're going to do. I know you're going to show up and show out, I appreciate y'all. Let's get the tickets because I don't want (resellers). I don't want that to happen. I wish we could guard against that because I want our fan base to truly be in stadiums; not people that go purchase a lot and then they resell them for a higher price. I don't want that to happen."

Sanders making such a strong point about wanting Buffs fans in the stands speaks volumes to his commitment to Boulder. While everyone is trying to run him out of town --to the likes of Florida or, even more unbelievably, Mississippi State -- Coach Prime is steadfast in his commitment to Colorado.

Deion Sanders may want to be the man to revive Colorado football

There's one thing both supporters and detractors of Coach Prime can agree on: the man loves himself and is hyper-focused on his own legacy.

Perhaps then, that's why he'd want to stick with Colorado and make the Buffs a top team like they were back in his playing days. Reviving an SEC program doesn't hold the same clout given the booster money those schools receive anyway; though making Vanderbilt a winner would certainly be historic.

Being the guy in Colorado is something he can't find anywhere else. Propping up a state and university that de-emphasized football for many years may be able to fulfill his ego's desires more than any other gig.