Mississippi State could come calling for Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders

Arkansas v Mississippi State
Arkansas v Mississippi State / Justin Ford/GettyImages

AthlonSports' Scout Springgate believes Mississippi State is one of several schools that can come calling Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders to become the next head man of the Bulldogs in the future.

"Like the Florida Gators within the SEC, the Mississippi State Bulldogs could come calling for Sanders' services," Springgate prefaced before saying, "The Bulldogs are a team that would benefit from someone like Sanders, as he would certainly bring them into the limelight in the SEC. Right now, Mississippi State is one of the forgotten teams in its conference, especially with the additions of Texas and Oklahoma."

While Mississippi State could come calling, though, that doesn't mean that Coach Prime would answer it -- and if he did, it wouldn't mean he'd seriously entertain it.

Deion Sanders wouldn't get autonomy at SEC program like he has at Colorado football

BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle reports that Sanders wouldn't get the autonomy at an SEC school that he currently has in Boulder; specifically addressing the "bull junk" report that Coach Prime was a realistic Florida target.

"...the University of Florida would never allow Coach Prime to run the program the way he wants," Tolle prefaced before saying, "Scott Stricklin and the UF Board of Trustees would be calling some shots with Sanders there as coach and wouldn't allow him to be the CEO. It all sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. You can't tell a living legend how to run his program and many schools don't want to hand off full autonomy. Sanders has built a relationship with Rick George that gives him authority over the program without strict oversight. No where in the rest of the nation will this happen."

Mississippi State, while not as successful as Florida historically, has just as much meddling from boosters. That's life in the SEC. Sanders isn't going to give up a gig that gives him his own college course and doesn't see him disciplined for anything ever; all while hiring one of his controversial best friends as one of the highest-paid GAs ever.

Especially not for an SEC also-ran like Florida or Mississippi State.