Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders' skillset ripped by draft evaluator

Arizona v Colorado
Arizona v Colorado / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Colorado football quarterback Shedeur Sanders had his skillset ripped by NFL draft evaluator Mike Rodgers; insinuating the "Grown QB" lacks key abilities, like sideline deep balls, accuracy, and velocity on his throws.

“When all of the betting books launched their No. 1 pick odds, he was the No. 1 guy,” Rogers said (h/t Yardbarker). “I'll be honest with you as an NFL Draft analyst that's watched now a lot of Shedeur Sanders, my jaw hit the floor to think of Shedeur Sanders as the favorite No. 1 overall pick in next year's draft.

“I think his arm is average at best…Deep sideline throws are a work in progress to me. I thought he was relatively inaccurate and lacked required velocity when he was throwing outside the numbers.”

Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders attracted heat with callout of 2024 QBs

Rodgers is perhaps overly critical considering Shedeur's reliability, but you can't say the youngest Sanders son didn't attract comments like this by calling out every 2024 NFL draft QB after he elected to stay in college instead of declare for the pros.

"I’m biased, but I don’t see a quarterback that’s better than me," Sanders prefaced before saying, "I don’t see a quarterback that went through as much adversity as me, that had four [offensive coordinators] in four years.

"Coming from an HBCU, coming to a Power Five [school], having real pressure on me. A lot of people don’t understand, that’s a lot more adversity than you think just even being the son of Deion Sanders."

Shedeur has to clean up his holding the ball too long issues when rushed in the pocket and cut down sacks. Once he does that, he'll have very few drawbacks from a scouting point of view.

Though once he does that, he'll also have people claiming he is turnover prone if that's the result of his cutting down on taking major losses in the backfield and halting momentum on Colorado's offensive drives.