Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders takes shot at Texas 6A high school peers

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Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders took a shot at many of his Texas 6A high school division peers who attended Power Five programs coming from the most competitive division in the Lone Star State -- pointing out during a March 20 press conference that they aren't making noise where they ended up at.

“All the other kids were going big, you know, Power Five, and they went to Big 6A Texas 6A schools and stuff I don’t see those same kids around -- I don’t see them excelling in their programs and whatever they’re do doing," Sanders said (h/t Essentially Sports). "So I always been against the odds like in different ways.”

Shedeur once again asserted that he faced plenty of adversity growing up despite being the son of one of football's all-time icons, Deion Sanders.

“No, I’ve been seeing a light since day one since I’ve been in college overall," Shedeur prefaced before saying, "Since when I got to the platform and I came from a private school. So at the end of the day, I dealt with a lot of negativity a lot of hate a lot of everything I done”.

Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders doubted by some for adversity comments

OutKick's Amber Harding is one of many who isn't sold on Shedeur's "adversity" comments being that he comes from a resource-rich family in one of the most resource-rich regions in the country; in both football and otherwise.

"Being the son of a Hall of Famer — with access to millions of dollars and every tool an athlete needs to succeed — is certainly a tremendous advantage," Harding prefaced before saying, "But Shedeur says his road to the pros was much rockier than his counterparts. That's an awfully tough sell, kid."

Shedeur comes from a family that can seemingly never win with a large majority of the media, but he must know what he's doing by being heavy on the "I had it tough too" narrative.