Colorado football recruiting staffer Devin Rispress's catfisher got key detail wrong, selling themselves out

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Colorado football assistant director of player personnel Devin Rispress's catfisher almost got away with posing as the former Florida A&M Director of Recruiting, but in the catfisher's desperate attempt to "convince" a Colorado State University-Pueblo recruit to flip to the Buffs, a key detail gave it away that this was a fraud.

"The head coach of Division II program Colorado State University-Pueblo, Philip Vigil, posted screenshots of a text message between an unnamed player and a person that he believes to be Rispress," AthlonSports' Kevin Borba prefaced before saying, "The text chain features who someone who claims to be Rispress, attempting to convince a player on Vigil’s roster to transfer to Colorado while saying they’ll be in contact during the season.

"Rispress, the former Florida A&M Director of Recruiting, who joined Sanders’ staff this offseason, denied the claims and said that someone is impersonating him. Sanders, who was tagged in the post by Vigil has yet to comment on the matter. Many fans are doubting the legitimacy of the text due to the sender calling the school 'Colorado university' as opposed to the University of Colorado."

Colorado football staffer Devin Rispress catfish stunt is at best a publicity stunt

You'd have to think Rispress knows the name of his employer. CSUP head coach Philip Vigil may not, though. Perhaps Vigil didn't set this up and just doesn't know better, but this has the makings of a (poorly executed) hit job at worst and a publicity stunt at best.

Deion Sanders' program has been getting slandered by former players all offseason, but the team's recruiting methods haven't been framed like this thus far in his Buffs tenure. Fortunately, no one takes this very seriously and it should disappear from the news cycle quickly.

Whoever came up with this needs to do better and at least say "CU" or "the University of Colorado" next time; though a next time probably isn't going to catch even 1% of the public's attention that this failed attempt did.