Colorado football sets unwanted program record at 2024 NFL draft

Colorado v Arizona
Colorado v Arizona / Ralph Freso/GettyImages

Xavier Weaver, Jordan Domineck, Rodrick Ward, Kasoviey Smoke, and every other eligible Colorado football player didn't have their names called at the 2024 NFL draft -- and in the process, an unwanted program record was set for the Buffs:

For the third straight year, not a single player from the University of Colorado was chosen in the NFL draft, marking the first time since 1936 that the Buffs were ignored on draft day for such a lengthy time period.

To say CU has been in the dark ages truly undersells the program's futility under former head coach Karl Dorrell, who won four games between the 2022 and 2023 seasons before being yanked after five games during the latter campaign.

Deion Sanders is not the main culprit for Colorado football draft futility despite propaganda to the contrary

If you were a casual college sports observer and saw Yahoo Sports' post announcing the Buffs' unwanted program record, you'd think Deion Sanders was the main culprit behind Colorado's NFL draft pick-less streak.

Luckily, Deion Sanders Jr., the program's social media PR guru, was able to put the publication in its place for trying to pawn off Dorrell's failures on Coach Prime:

Now to be clear, Sanders' coaching staff does deserve some blame for there being no 2024 draft picks since the entire roster was essentially crafted by his Colorado coordinators, assistants, and support staff.

But there's needed context there. Developing pros in just one season for a program that was far behind basically every other Power Five school is a tough task, and guys like Weaver and Domineck developed as well as possible given the circumstances. There's a good chance both will develop into better NFL players than many of the players who did have their names called from April 25-27 in Detroit.

Things will most certainly change in 2025 for CU, when Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter will be first-round selections.

It's possible the Buffs make good history next year, and when that happens, this year's struggles will be a distant memory.