Colorado football star ripped for taking Quavo's criticism after missing team meeting

Oct 8, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Rapper Quavo watches a game between the Atlanta Falcons and
Oct 8, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Rapper Quavo watches a game between the Atlanta Falcons and / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

OutKick's David Hookstead claimed that Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders needs to grow a spine after allowing rapper Quavo, formerly of Migos, to criticize both his game and his brother Shilo's at Paris Fashion Week; Shedeur's for having too much motion and Shilo's for having issues in coverage. He even evoked the name of the recently-retired Nick Saban to drive his point home.

"Would Nick Saban have ever let two of his best players miss responsibilities to walk in a fashion show? No chance in hell, but I guess Deion Sanders just does things differently," Hookstead prefaced before saying, "Then, they show up and get cooked by a guy who never even played college football. Quavo played in high school, but didn’t throw a single pass in college.

"Yet, he has no problem lecturing Shedeur on the offense using too much motion and telling Shilo he needs to improve in coverage. The latter isn’t even really true. Shilo is a really solid DB. Imagine if I just walked up to Matthew Stafford (fifth string QB middle school team experience) and started telling him how he needs to focus more on his long ball. He would have every right in the world to tell me to shut up. Instead, Shedeur seemed to be agreeing with Quavo’s assessment. Grow a spine and stand up for yourself."

Shedeur Sanders not in wrong for lack of Quavo response, but Colorado football team meeting absence could be detrimental

Sanders was likely star-struck at seeing Quavo because he's still a college-aged student-athlete, so not responding to the rap icon wasn't some unforgivable sin. Certainly not worthy of an article, since addressing Quavo's criticism means he'd have to criticize the other thousands, if not millions, who also didn't play college ball and criticize Sanders' game.

But what is worthy of attention is the absence from the first team meeting of the year. Coach Prime allowing both his sons to skip is a disaster from an optics perspective, and being that Shedeur is supposed to be the team's leader and Shilo is a defensive leader himself in the secondary, this could have a detrimental effect on chemistry if things don't break right.