Colorado football transfer portal de-commit was dearly needed for team he returned to

The Colorado football program's latest transfer portal de-commit was "dearly needed" for the team he returned to, says one analyst.

LSU v Florida State
LSU v Florida State / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Colorado football transfer portal de-commit DJ Lundy's return to FSU was "dearly needed" according to NolesGameday's Dustin Lewis -- who called the Seminoles linebacker room the weakest on Florida State's roster.

"This decision feels a little sweeter with Florida State pulling out a late victory over Colorado to return a veteran defender to a position that is arguably the weakest on the roster," Lewis prefaced before saying, "Lundy's return provides a boost that the Seminoles dearly needed on defense. The coaching staff also is involved with multiple transfers at the position, even hosting former Syracuse linebacker Stefon Thompson and former Charlotte linebacker Nikhai Hill-Green for official visits last weekend."

Lundy tweeted out that Tallahassee is where he was "destined to be."

"FOREVER (an) FSU Seminole, appreciation to all the schools who reached out but this is where I’m destined to be," Lundy prefaced before saying, "START to FINISH with the teammates and coaches I LOVE."

DJ Lundy was expected to enroll with Colorado football in near future

Lundy's de-commitment was one that was even more shocking when you consider that, per Noles247's Zach Blostein, the forever FSU linebacker was close to enrolling at the University of Colorado imminently.

"Lundy had been committed to transfer to Colorado and even visited Boulder this past weekend as he was expected to enroll at Deion Sanders' program in the near future," Blostein reported.

Coach Prime is surely fuming at Lundy's course of action based on his previous comments about wanting to enforce the NCAA keeping kids committed to programs once they announce their intention to join a program.

"A kid ain’t even faithful to his girlfriend. You think (he’s) gonna be faithful to a school? Come on, man. That’s an emotional thing,” Sanders said, (h/t The Athletic's David Ubben). 

“What I wish the NCAA would do, if you’re committed somewhere, you can’t go on any other visits,” he continued. “If you’re committed, that means you’re committed. You can’t go on no other visits. Why would you be committed but you’re still letting kids go on other visits? That means you just playing.”

The NCAA never made (and likely will never make) that rule, and Lundy is back in Tallahassee. So it goes.