Controversial Colorado football GA hire's scathing message for MAGA crowd who see Taylor Swift as PSYOP

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Warren Sapp, who confirmed he was joining Coach Prime's Colorado football coaching staff as a graduate assistant on February 9 during an appearance on Super Bowl Radio Row, had a scathing message to those who believe Taylor Swift is not authentically dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, but instead a PSYOP (psychological operation): your opinion doesn't matter anyway.

"It doesn't matter what insane people think," Sapp said on Fox (h/t The Palm Beach Post). "MAGA is only 30% of the Republican Party but they've taken it over. It's always the minority with wild ideas that's going to take it over. Go ahead. Like a bad cold, just let it run its course."

The Palm Beach Post's Tom D'Angelo provided his viewpoint that a certain voting block is responsible for the claim that Swift is a PSYOP.

"But many Republicans disagree (with the idea Swift is good for the NFL)," D'Angelo prefaced before saying, "Swift's relationship with Kelce has them shouting 'conspiracy theory,' as if she is some Democratic plant to tilt the presidential election in President Joe Biden's favor. They claim the playoffs were rigged to get the Chiefs to the Super Bowl for Swift to have an even bigger stage on which to endorse Biden."

CU brain trust unable to veto Colorado football hiring of Warren Sapp

During Super Bowl week, the No. 1 story to Super Bowl Radio Row is Swift and Travis Kelce. But to Buffs fans, Sapp being hired despite domestic violence advocacy groups at the University of Colorado rallying against it was the major headline.

Coach Prime long-discussed Sapp but was tight-lipped about his potential role. Evidently, Sapp was going to school to be considered a graduate so he could land a graduate assistant role in Boulder.

Sapp being hired could be something that drives a wedge between CU and Coach Prime from a moral standpoint. From a recruiting standpoint, Sapp could move the needle forward, but it's not hard to picture certain programs recruiting against Colorado by using this as ammo. Especially given how cruel coaches have been to recruits who were leaning toward and ultimately ended up with the Buffs.