Deion Sanders seemingly adds Broncos to list of NFL teams he'd allow Shedeur to play for

New York Giants v Denver Broncos
New York Giants v Denver Broncos / Tom Hauck/GettyImages

Deion Sanders seemingly okayed the Denver Broncos as an NFL franchise he'd allow his son Shedeur Sanders, and presumably, his other son, Shilo, and Travis Hunter, to play for in 2025 and beyond during an interview with the DNVR Buffs Live crew.

"Man, shoot, you know damn well how much I love Sean Payton," Sanders said. "I'm curious about what they're going to do in the draft. I'm really curious. But in due time he's going to win. I love Sean Payton, I love what they're doing and I love what they accomplished last season as well."

Was Sanders giving the DNVR Buffs crew lip service after being put on the spot? Maybe, but his words on Payton certainly seem sincere enough to believe that he'd be content with his sons being Broncos; even if he's advocated against them playing in a cold city and specifically commented on how Colorado isn't as cold in November as it gets in December and January.

Deion Sanders previously gave blessing to six NFL teams he'd want Shilo and Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter on

Sanders had blessed the five teams he played for -- the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Commanders (then Redskins), and Atlanta Falcons -- and the Philadelphia Eagles as options for his sons and Hunter. He even gave a special shoutout to the city that drafted him, Atlanta, and sang the praises of a city that had elected officials that looked like him.

Seeing Denver added to the list doesn't make sense in relation to his cold criteria but does in the sense that he believes the franchise believes in winning; with the Broncos having won Super Bowl 50 in 2016.

What we won't know is what teams Sanders explicitly opposes for his sons and Hunter. Though if he keeps okaying teams, we might be able to eventually piece the context clues together.