Deion Sanders defends his controversial Colorado football hire from perceived snub

Playing cards were revealed on social media but Coach Prime is not a big fan that his new hire was left out.
Deion Sanders stuck up for his good friend Warren Sapp
Deion Sanders stuck up for his good friend Warren Sapp / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

There's a connection between Deion Sanders and his newly hired graduate assistant, Warren Sapp, that is needed for a locker room. Luckily, the Buffaloes have those two guys to build something special in Colorado this coming fall.

In a recent Instagram post by Colorado's official football account, trading cards were on display, but Sapp was nowhere to be found. Coach Prime took that into account and expressed his thoughts in the comment section.

"Under the comments, Deion posed the page with a question, 'Where’s Sapp?” which is a valid inquiry since Sapp was one of the best of his generation," Essentially Sports' Jeevesh Singh wrote while recapping the social media interaction. "The DT had a 13-year-long career with the Buccaneers and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013."

The speculation of why the account did not feature a Sapp card is one of those situations where we may never know the answer. But you can't discredit the fact that Coach Prime took matters into his own hands to point that out, even if it was a slight gesture.

How does Colorado football GA Warren Sapp feel about Deion Sanders?

Sapp has expressed his emotions surrounding Sanders in a manner that will have fans excited for what's to come.

"I love this man to death," Sapp said.

Colorado is currently oozing with coaches that have respect for each other, a great luxury on top of football. To have connected players is one thing, but to have connected coaches is another. It's beautiful, strong and needed.

Both played a major role in having Arizona State transfer B.J. Green commit to the Buffaloes, and it makes sense why the defensive lineman wanted in.

In the end, this Sanders-Sapp combo will be a feast to watch along the sidelines and could be said that the players are buying in to whatever is in store for a shot at redeeming last season's 4-8 record.