Deion Sanders' exes credited for making Colorado football HC's daughter independent

Deion Sanders' exes helped shape Shelomi Sanders
Deion Sanders' exes helped shape Shelomi Sanders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Deion Sanders' ex-fiancé Tracey Edmonds and ex-wife Pilar Sanders were both credited for making the Colorado football head coach's youngest daughter, Shelomi Sanders, an independent woman in the wake of her shocking transfer from CU to Alabama A&M.

"Shelomi is an independent woman, and a large part of the reason is having someone like Pilar to look up to," Essentially Sports' Rahaan Mazumder prefaced before saying, "But you can’t help but think Tracey Edmonds played a part, too."

Shelomi's independence led to a decision to transfer that greatly upset Coach Prime. Sanders labeled his daughter's portal entry with no solidified next landing spot as "stupid" while speaking to the DNVR Buffs crew back in April.

"Yeah which was stupid," Sanders said after a DNVR Buffs host started bringing up her transfer. "You get a team. You gotta get a team before you enter the portal. That's what I'd advise a child. I know, 'oh well it's illegal.' Come on man. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. You kind of want them to do something, and she has been truly advised.

Deion Sanders won't leave Colorado football to follow any of his kids

Whether it's his sons leaving for the NFL in 2025 or his daughter leaving the Buffs at the conclusion of her second season in Boulder, Coach Prime isn't leaving Colorado to follow any of his kids anywhere.

Or so Sanders says.

Coach Prime has repeatedly shared his plan to stay in Boulder for five to 10 more years, and while that doesn't automatically guarantee he'll be sticking around, he's definitely not following his kids after repeated statements about him being a leader as their father.

All his kids will soon need to be as independent as possible. Coach Prime is about to be alone in Colorado with only his oldest son, Deion Jr. aka Bucky, running Well Off Media to chronicle all things Buffs.