Deion Sanders sends best-case scenario message to Colorado football fans on how long he'll be Buffs head coach

Nov 11, 2023; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders before the game
Nov 11, 2023; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders before the game / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Deion Sanders revealed a best-case scenario timeline for how long he'll be head coach of the Colorado football program: at least 10 years.

While being filmed by Deion Sanders Jr. for material for Well Off Media, Coach Prime ogled at the new locker room lounge that was being built on the University of Colorado Boulder's campus. Deion Jr. commented on how Sanders's successor was going to be benefitting big-time from Coach Prime's presence at CU, to which Deion Sr. claimed he had 10 good years in him as Buffs head coach.

“They’re gonna have to wait about 10 years,” Coach Prime said (h/t USA Today). “I got a good 10 in me. I’ve got a good 10 strong in me.”

While Sanders did make bold claims during his tenure at Jackson State, he never promised to stay for a decade or longer. The college football world always knew he'd take the next step up from the FCS the first chance that came.

But there aren't too many steps up from Boulder and the Big 12. Sure, there are pillar programs in the SEC and Big Ten that would qualify, but it's going to take Sanders a while before he can build up the Buffs to get to a place where CU is consistently winning enough to have those programs come calling.

And who knows if the top institutions would even look past Sanders' social media drama in recent weeks enough to consider handing him the keys to their program.

Deion Sanders' love of Boulder a good sign for Colorado football fans

While Sanders doesn't love the smoke in Boulder -- like literally the marijuana smoke that permeates the air everywhere you go -- he does love just about everything else about the city and CU. And he tells parents of recruits that while reassuring them that he doesn't follow his kids and won't leave Colorado just because Shedeur and Shilo are going to the NFL and his daughter Shelomi is now at Alabama A&M.

"I’m a father, not a baby daddy," Sanders said (h/t DNVR's Jake Schwanitz). "I don’t follow my kids. I pave roads for my kids. I build generational wealth for my kids, I lead my kids I don’t follow my kids. I’m not that kind of father. I have work to do here. I absolutely love it here, it’s beautiful here. I’m serious, I absolutely love it here I really do. I never thought a young brother from the south would love this part of the country but I really do. I’d love to be more adventurous and see other things [out here]. I don’t really fly fish but I’ve known to be fly when I fish. I love everything about this part of the country and the fan base that we have here. I just want to bless you with a tremendously successful team.”

As time goes on, Sanders continues to say things at ensure that he'll be leading the Buffs well into the future. 10 years is a long time, but it's not as though Rick George is in a rush to get rid of the biggest financial boon the University of Colorado has ever seen.