Deion Sanders sends loving message to controversial Colorado football transfer

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Deion Sanders sent a loving message to Colorado football transfer Anthony "Deuce" Roberson, a receiver who never played after being dismissed following a petition aimed at removing him from CU's campus for past sexual misconduct allegations.

"Love (you) my man and whomever you commit to will be getting a good young man that wants to prove to everybody he's more than deserving! God bless (you) my man," Sanders tweeted.

Roberson, a JUCO transfer from Monument, Colorado, shared in his goodbye-to-Boulder tweet that the past year was the most trying period of his life.

"First and foremost, I want to thank God for the unspeakable gifts I've been blessed with," Roberson's message read. "I want to thank my family and those close to me who have stuck by my side throughout this trying period in my life. Lastly, I want to genuinely thank the entire staff and faculty and the University of Colorado, especially Katharine Lindauer and Jason Hogstad (Academic Advisors) and Devin Cramer (Dean of Students) for being there for me and helping me develop over the last year. Huge shoutout to Coach Prime and his remarkable staff, they have began building something special and I am confident that program will succeed, in many ways, beyond imagination. I felt included and taken care of the entire time I have been at Colorado. After many conversations with Coach Prime and Mr. Rick George, it has been decided that it is best for us to part ways. It's just time for a fresh start for me. I am extremely excited for what's next and I look forward to new experiences at a new university."

Deion Sanders not avoiding controversy with message to troubled Colorado football transfer

Between the Warren Sapp hiring and the social media drama that involved a former player and his new teammate and members of the Buffs, Coach Prime has not avoided controversy this offseason. He certainly continued that trend by backing Roberson.

Picking Roberson to show so much love to is an interesting choice to say the least, but Sanders evidently stuck by a kid who had very few in his corner and maintained belief in him.

If nothing else, it shows loyalty from Sanders, who isn't a fan of every player who sets foot in his program but will show love to those who he feels earned his respect.