Deion Sanders threw daggers at Colorado football locker room after classroom hijinks

Mar 30, 2024; Arlington, TX, USA; Colorado Buffaloes football head coach Deion Sanders before the
Mar 30, 2024; Arlington, TX, USA; Colorado Buffaloes football head coach Deion Sanders before the / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Deion Sanders wasn't playing around when he addressed the Colorado football players who were accused by one CU professor of taking part in unproductive hijinks in class.

"It bothers me to the fact that we're not only a football team, but we're trying to prepare you for life," Sanders said to his players before sharing the professor's message (h/t Yahoo Sports). "We're trying to get you ready to live in that land right after this," Sanders said as he began his team address.

"You on the field, but you ain't doing. You in a relationship, but you ain't got no love. You at the mall, but you ain't got no money. Got a lot of ability, but no darn talent. You gonna get something out of this. You gonna be a man or you're going to be a great football player. Since you choose not to be a great football player, we gotta make you men."

Deion Sanders sick of hijinks from Colorado football players and fans

With the transition to a gray beard, Coach Prime is fully embracing the grizzled veteran sick of everyone's...bulljunk, as Sanders would say.

At one of his recent book tour appearances, Sanders questioned the Buffs fans who fancied themselves a doobie in the stands during a game; something Coach Prime doesn't endorse doing himself.

"Who's smoking up in here? Good lord," Sanders said during his book tour (h/t The Athletic's David Ubben). "I've never been high, but I've been close here, being the coach at Colorado.

"I don't know what y'all do, but between those 40s (the student section at Folsom Field), it goes down. Jesus Christ. We got kids in here. It was so blatant one game, I thought they were doing it on the sideline. 'Check the bench! Who's got the fat one?"

Between Shelomi transferring and his sons playing their final season in Boulder, it's fair to wonder if Coach Prime is in it for the long haul at Colorado.