Duke analyst wants Blue Devils to join Big 12 and Big East in conference realginment

West Virginia v Kansas State
West Virginia v Kansas State / Peter G. Aiken/GettyImages

Duke basketball is such an important brand that it may warrant joining a hoops-only conference, the Big East to be exact, while the Blue Devils football squad would be best suited for the Big 12 according to Duke Basketball Report's JD King.

"We presume that Duke’s first choice would be that the ACC continue and that would be our choice too, but there are no sure bets right now," King prefaced before saying, "And while we’re obviously speaking for ourselves, if it comes to that, we’d vastly prefer the Big 12 to the rapacious Situational Ethics Conference or the lumbering Big Ten. What a dull, B1G conference that is!

"Just as a side thought, while we know football drives the bus now and everyone is trying to position themselves as best as possible, would it be so awful if Duke joined the Big East? We know that’s not likely to happen, but it’s worth considering. And it is a good thing that the Big 12, unlike the SEC and the Big Ten, wants to focus on basketball as something more than a sideshow."

Big 12 can pursue FSU and Clemson if SEC and Big Ten don't come calling

CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd sees the Big 12 pursuing FSU and Clemson as well should the SEC and Big Ten decline to want to pursue the Noles or Tigers.

"That discussion (of FSU joining the SEC or B1G) has not only changed, but Clemson joining its conference rival in filing a lawsuit against the ACC this week -- challenging the grant of rights -- has given new life to another potential round of realignment," Dodd wrote.

"Florida State and Clemson are a dynamic duo that could potentially trigger another shake-up across the college sports landscape. If the 'Noles and Tigers are deemed unworthy of Big Ten or SEC membership, perhaps even the Big 12 shows interest."

It'd be a tremendous loss for the SEC not to bring FSU to become Florida's primary in-conference rival (on par with UGA at least) and Clemson to become South Carolina's in-state "It Just Means More" rivalry.

Duke makes more sense if UNC and NC State came as a package deal with them. If the Blue Devils branch out on their own, expect the Big 12 to be the most logical landing spot.

And by that, basketball is included. Don't sleep on the Big 12 in March Madness in 2024, in years' past, and going forward.