Ed Reed considered risky but game-changing Colorado football hiring

Legendary NFL safety Ed Reed was considered a risky but game-changing potential Colorado football hiring by one analyst.
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DNVR's Jake Schwanitz called Ed Reed a risky yet game-changing potential Colorado football hiring for the Buffs' open defensive coordinator role, citing his cut-short coaching tenure at Bethune-Cookman -- the reasoning for that being Reed's oppositional attitude to lackluster facilities in Daytona Beach -- and Hall-of-Fame NFL career to give context to that opinion.

"The strength of Ed Reed and Coach Prime’s relationship was made abundantly clear last off-season. Bethune-Cookman had hired Reed to be their head coach and then weeks later declined to ratify Reed’s contract and vacated the team’s head coaching position," Schwanitz prefaced before saying, "One of the greatest safeties to ever play the game, Reed started his coaching career in 2016 as an assistant defensive backs coach for the Buffalo Bills. He then returned to the University of Miami to serve as the Hurricanes’ Chief of Staff from 2020 to 2021 and senior football advisor in 2022. Coach Prime and Reed were teammates in Baltimore during the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

"Although he lacks the ideal coaching experience to be Colorado’s defensive coordinator, Reed would be a risky yet game-changing hire. Coach Prime has already announced that Hall of Famer Warren Sapp will be joining the coaching staff in some capacity, could another gold jacket be on the way in Reed?"

Ed Reed a spectacular Colorado football defensive coordinator option, though an unlikely one

Reed has not been connected to any collegiate or NFL job opening since his run-in with Bethune-Cookman's administration; one none too happy about Reed making a private matter public via social media. While one could argue that Reed was fighting an uphill fight for his players and was using any means necessary to properly vouch for them, college administrations surely feel differently.

If Colorado would look past these issues, since no one in their right mind would accuse CU of the same malpractice regarding athletic facilities, Reed would be a spectacular hire. Combined with Warren Sapp, who Coach Prime confirmed was coming to Boulder, recruits would find it hard to turn away a Colorado staff filled with NFL legends.

It's not a likely one, though. By any stretch of the imagination.

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