Everything seems to point to Colorado football GA Warren Sapp getting life together: Analyst

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From the perspective of The Pewter Plank's Josh Hill, "everything seems to point toward" recently-hired Colorado football GA Warren Sapp getting his life together in recent months after completing his degree at Texas Seminary Christian University so he can join the Buffs' staff.

"Sapp has largely existed away from the game since retiring back in 2008, with the closest he's come to remaining tethered to football being his work at NFL Network," Hill prefaced before saying, "That came during a pretty tough time in his life, as financial and legal troubles knocked him down.

"Everything seems to point toward Sapp getting his life back together. He earned a sports management degree last year which allows him to join Sanders' staff at Colorado. It could be the first step toward Sapp getting back into the game as a coach, with a perfectly well-lit opportunity sitting right in front of him at a high-profile program."

Colorado football GA Warren Sapp had hiring protested by anti-domestic violence coalition

Violence Free Colorado, the federally recognized, anti-domestic violence coalition for the state of Colorado, vehemently protested Sapp being hired by CU due to the six-time All-Pro DL's troubled past; releasing a statement published by USA Today's Brent Schrotenboer outlining their disdain for his, at the time, possible hiring.

“By recruiting someone with a history of public allegations of gender-based violence, including domestic violence, they risk promoting violence rather than speaking out against it,” the statement read. “They risk saying that violence is excusable if the player or coach is successful. They risk undermining the public work CU has done to speak out against domestic violence. As advocates, we know the answer is not to ignore the allegations against Mr. Sapp, but to address them head on.”

Sapp is now on board, and the only way is forward for the university and the GA. But his past will come up at every turn if he doesn't behave.