Ex-Colorado football OG humorously describes his defense of Shilo Sanders on BMF to haters

Oct 7, 2023; Tempe, Arizona, USA; Colorado Buffaloes safety Shilo Sanders (21) against the Arizona
Oct 7, 2023; Tempe, Arizona, USA; Colorado Buffaloes safety Shilo Sanders (21) against the Arizona / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Former Colorado football OG Matt McChesney humorously described his defense of Shilo Sanders' portrayal of Deion Sanders on Starz' BMF on The Coach Prime Show with Big Smitty podcast as him yelling at a bunch of white people.

“The first thing I heard was like, ‘Oh, they’re portraying Deion Sanders on a drug show’, I am like, ‘Shut the f*ck up, cracker,'" McChesney said (h/t Essentially Sports). “Likе, I am yеlling at whitе pеoplе, likе, ‘Goddamn, what’s wrong with you? It’s a f*cking show on TV. Have a little fun for an hour.

"I don’t know if Shilo looks just like his dad, but he damn sure looked like him in the show, bro… Shilo does a great job. Could have a f*cking career in acting for all we know, bro.”

Criticisms of Colorado football stars Shedeur and Shilo Sanders' off-field pursuits are getting creative

Criticizing Colorado on the field is pretty cut and dry. If the team is not winning, the floodgates are open. Given how loud the Buffs have been in the "Prime Time" era, the haters have plenty of material to work with.

Off the field its different. Shedeur and Shilo skipping out on team practice in January to walk the runway at the Louis Vuitton fall-winter show in Paris headlined by Pharrell Williams lends itself to criticism, but there's been reaching on the pair's other off-field pursuits.

Shedeur's song "Perfect Timing," has been the most hated-on rap release of the year even in the midst of the polarizing Drake-Kendrick Lamar beef. Now Shilo's appearance on BMF is drawing heat because the show is about drugs.

They do know it's just a TV show right? And they do know Shilo is 24 years old? Infantilization of adult-aged people is not a good thing. Given Deion's morals, we can assume Shilo isn't living that way in real life.

The Sanders hate is going to persist no matter what, but it's certainly getting creative.