Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders' song 'Perfect Timing' shredded: 'Nothing redeemable'

Colorado v Utah
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AthlonSports' Al Formicola doesn't believe there was a single redeeming quality about Colorado football quarterback Shedeur Sanders' rap song, "Perfect Timing," claiming that nearly every athlete who's ever crossed over into the hip-hop genre did it better and that there was "nothing redeemable" about the song.

"More recently, we’ve seen rap contributions from Damian Lillard, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Melvin Ingram, Tony Parker (even though it's in French) as well as Shedeur’s father, Deion Sanders have all had contributions to the culture that were not discarded as something beneath the genre," Formicola prefaced before saying, "Each and every one of those athletes turned rappers, if only for a time, are all monumentally better than what Shedeur released this week.

"The short version is 'Perfect Timing' is substantively not good. On any level. From a rap X’s and O’s standpoint, there is nothing redeemable about this song. Matter of fact, calling it a 'song' of any kind feels like an abuse of that term."

How stunning and brave to take a swipe at Shedeur's song a full week after its release after everyone else has. Saying there's nothing redeeming is quite the reach, and while it's not a Kendrick Lamar-level lyrical masterpiece, it's nowhere near as bad as people are saying.

Shedeur Sanders' Colorado football teammate chosen over him for EA Sports College Football 25 Deluxe Edition cover

Unless there's going to be special edition covers for multiple teams, Shedeur won't be gracing the cover of the EA Sports College Football 25 video game. His teammate, Travis Hunter, will be, having been selected as one of the cover athletes for the Deluxe Edition cover.

There was little backlash about Hunter being chosen, though some tried to claim there was for Shedeur not being chosen. There wasn't.

But there seemingly would've been had the "Grown QB" graced the cover, since everything Deion Sanders' sons do is going to be deemed disappointing no matter what they do.