Ex-Colorado football OG sends pointed message to Xavier Smith after Deion Sanders complaints

McChesney celebrates
McChesney celebrates / Brian Bahr/GettyImages

Former Colorado football OG Matt McChesney believes Xavier Smith, who inserted himself into the headlines by complaining about Deion Sanders in a tell-all story from The Athletic's Max Olson, needs to be quiet and earn the respect the ex-Buffs safety believes he's entitled to.

And McChesney put an exclamation point on his statement during The Coach JB Show with Big Smitty by sending a quasi-threat to and name-calling Smith in the process.

“If you want respect, earn it. In this game, you cannot buy it, you cannot obtain it, and you can’t get anybody to give it to you," McChesney said (h/t Essentially Sports). "You have to earn it, you have to earn it and the fact that he actually had the audacity to say you could have cut me with a little bit more compassion, shut up b*tch.”

Deion Sanders questioned cut Colorado football S Xavier Smith's mental fortitude

Sanders didn't have as abrasive of a response to Smith's statement as McChesney, but what he implied on Thee Pregame Show might have cut even deeper.

Coach Prime questioned Smith's mental fortitude and whether or not he can handle the media firestorm that his statements have created.

"And how can this gentleman not know that you’re being used? Because now you’re going to get used again," Sanders prefaced before saying, "Now the fans getting ready to jump on you, and you ain’t built like that mentally and emotionally. You’re not prepared for that onslaught. So you got to be careful with that. And, that’s the sad thing about it. You’re not built for that kind of stuff, man. Like, don’t don’t do that."

Smith's comments have generated a response he may not have fathomed when sharing his story with The Athletic. You have to think that Chase Sowell is thanking his lucky stars that his comments didn't generate nearly as much buzz.