Former Colorado football QB: Washington's Kalen DeBoer makes most sense for Alabama

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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Kalen DeBoer makes the most sense for the Alabama head coaching job that Nick Saban's retirement created a vacancy for according to Colorado football quarterback and current FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt.

“Well, I’ll tell you what I know and what I think… My belief was that this needed to work very quickly," Klatt told Colin Cowherd on the January 11 edition of "The Herd" (h/t Saturday Down South). "I was told this was going to happen within 72 hours, regardless of name,” said Klatt. “They wanted to move quickly so that they can solidify the locker room… They want to move quickly, so for me, the list was three names.

“The reason is because the other names that would be prominent on that list — like a Dabo Swinney or a Ryan Day or a Lincoln Riley or a Kirby Smart — don’t make sense for a lot of reasons or another, but Kalen DeBoer does. He’s 104-12 as a head coach. He’s excellent. It’s wild how successful he’s been, and you’re right. He did more with a lesser roster than even Lanning did at Oregon. So this guy is a guy that has been looking — quietly.”

Colorado football alum Joel Klatt didn't link Coach Prime to Alabama

Notice that Klatt didn't link Coach Prime to Alabama; something others have done while also noting the major asterisk, aka the red flags of his debut season in Boulder. Klatt incorrectly predicted Deion Sanders would end up in the Auburn head coaching position Hugh Freeze filled instead, but evidently, he doesn't feel Coach Prime leaving is on the table.

And it's not -- certainly not for one of the toughest follow-up acts in the history of sports down in Tuscaloosa, and definitely not until at least 2025, when Shedeur and Shilo Sanders, and Travis Hunter, are NFL draft-bound.