Host shreds Colorado football transfer, father for surprising Deion Sanders by decision: 'You guys are cowards'

Colorado State v Colorado
Colorado State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

DJ Blessone, the host of IsmokeHiphop Live, took a shot at former Colorado football running back Dylan Edwards, who committed to K-State, and his father for keeping Dylan's intentions to enter the transfer portal under wraps despite Deion Sanders asking for transparency from his players.

“Prime had a camp going on and he asked everybody he was intimate cuz he was losing players he’s like look just let me know now I don’t want no surprises who wants to leave," DJ Blessone said (h/t Essentially Sports). “You guys are cowards, man."

For those wondering if Coach Prime holds grudges with transfers and their families, think again. Sanders showed love to Isreal Solomon's father, Zurich, after being shown gratitude for the DB's time in Boulder.

"You're a great father my brother and I pray things work out for the family," Sanders tweeted. "You truly sacrificed for your son and family and that's appreciated truly. God bless u my brother and keep the standard the standard. Love ya man!"

Deion Sanders oversaw second, though less dramatic, Colorado football transfer portal exodus this spring

When Sanders came to town in 2022 and through the 2023 spring game, basically the entire Buffs roster was told to hit the portal as he brought in his "Louis Vuitton" from Jackson State and elsewhere. That's been revisited this past week with Xavier Smith and Chase Sowell's anecdotes shared with The Athletic's Max Olson.

But let's not undersell the 2024 exodus, either. 41 players hit the portal during this cycle, while 37 players have replaced them.

As time goes on, we will learn more and more about whether or not this is a sustainable model for CU. In 2023, things fizzled out quickly due to the lack of depth on the Buffs' depth chart, but that has been a point of emphasis this offseason.