Jordan Seaton reveals what he foresees Deion Sanders' future at Colorado football to be

Jordan Seaton thinks Deion Sanders will pull a Jordan Belfort with Colorado football
Jordan Seaton thinks Deion Sanders will pull a Jordan Belfort with Colorado football / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Jordan Seaton was very clear on what he thought about Deion Sanders' future with the Colorado football program.

"Coach Prime is not going anywhere," Seaton said (h/t Marca).

Evidently, Seaton committed to CU to stick around over the long haul; something the head coach has tried to reiterate to anyone who would listen.

Sanders told Joel Klatt on a recent "Big Noon Convo" that he has no intention to follow his sons or Travis Hunter to the professional ranks once they run out of eligibility and declared for the NFL draft in 2025.

"Okay, let me start by saying I'm a leader of men, not a follower of men," Sanders prefaced before saying, "I'm a father, not a baby daddy. I lead my sons, I don't follow my sons. My sons, Travis included, are getting ready to migrate to the NFL. I'm not following them to the NFL. I'm gonna lead. I'm a daddy, not a baby daddy. I'm a real father. I paved the way for my babies, they're not paving the way for me." 

Deion Sanders planning to stick with Colorado football for five to 10 more years

In a video shared on the Well Off Media YouTube page, Sanders pledged his commitment to the Buffs for five to 10 more seasons while being questioned by his son and social media manager, Deion Sanders Jr.

“They’re gonna have to wait about 10 years,” Coach Prime said to Bucky when Jr. mentioned the next CU head coach inheriting what's being built now during the "Prime Time" era in Boulder (h/t USA Today). “I got a good 10 in me. I’ve got a good 10 strong in me.”

So you have Sanders himself and now Seaton saying that Coach Prime will remain in Colorado beyond his sons' last season this Fall. Don't expect the fantasy scenarios linking him to Power 4 programs all over the country to stop, though.